Dalibor Štrop
“As a fulltime network marketing professional, I have known Dan and Robin Catto for more than 25 years. I am originally from California but in the Summer of 2004, I was living in Slovenia and I was invited by a relatively new network marketing company to launch all the European market. What a great surprise when I flew to their USA headquarters and saw Dan was with the company! I knew it must be a very special opportunity to attract a multi-millionaire industry legend like him. Dan has always been one of those leaders who teach timeless principles of lifetime success. Since I joined the company, as I have travelled around the world to launch new markets, I’ve known I could count on having Dan’s support not only through calls, emails and webinars, but on stage right beside me. You could not find a more supportive upline leader to achieve your full potential than Dan Catto!”
Garth Wright
Prague, Czech Republic
“I was introduced to Dan through a friend who knew I was looking to change my results by changing what I was doing. I was told that Dan was this extremely successful businessman. He we earning a multi-million dollar income, and coached and taught leaders all over the world. While I was impressed by what he had accomplished I was also skeptical that he would even care about me! Was I ever wrong
Jamie Messina
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Sonya Reddy , Dublin, Ireland
“Hi, my name is Ricky V and I joined the industry of network marketing when I was 21yrs old. Being involved for a few years without ever experiencing any success, i was at the verge of quitting. Fortunate for me, this year of 2012 at the age of 24, I was introduced to industry legend and millionaire maker Mr. Dan Catto. I truly believe in my initial conversation with Dan Catto, the MLM Giant in me was born. The simple yet impactful principles that Dan has taught me has allowed me to believe in myself, believe in the industry, and believe in my success. Two thing Dan shared with me in the beginning were, “Work on developing yourself daily, and take massive action daily.” Well, in the short 8 months that I’ve worked with Dan Catto, my business has grown in over 6 countries, I’ve developed myself as a leader, and I have become a fulltime professional global network marketer. By surround myself with the best, I have become one of the best. And this can also happen for you at anytime if you surround yourself with leaders like Dan Catto. I look forward to continue to get mentored by Dan and soon join him as the youngest distributor in the million dollar club.”
Ricky V
“I have always felt that if I needed assistance with a task, I could always count on Dan’s support in pointing me in the right direction. I would say that in this industry it is imperative that you work with a mentor and Dan has fulfilled that void in my business experience. A mentor will do or say what they believe you need at the time and in the process you yourself begin to develop those mentorship skills, which you then can pass on.”
Patrick Tulloch – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“I’m a member of the Millionaire Club with NHT Global. One of my philosophies is that you are only as good as those you surround yourself with. Dan has enabled me to learn the techniques, mindset, and skill set needed to become successful.”

Joe Garcia – Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“Dan Catto has helped me paint even a bigger Picture/Vision for me and my family. He has an amazing ability to deliver his training method in ways very few elite leaders can. He exudes integrity at the highest level. His success story is truly inspirational and his impeccable work ethic in developing leaders around the world is unmatched. I am truly FORTUNATE & BLESSED to be able to work with Dan as my business partner, rightfully recognized as one of the most successful legends in our profession.”
Andreas Papakostas
“I’d like to tell you several words about Dan Catto. I’m really happy that I know this person. I’ve known him for more than a year now and what I most like about him is his sense of humour, his positive reactions, his desire to help. He’s always ready to help other people, share his energy and I feel it very well. I’m very glad to be in his team and I’m looking forward to our future effective cooperation and that we’ll keep on working together successfully with NHT Global Russian team.”
Maria Velitchko
Moscow, Russia
“I cannot tell you about the special human relationship with which Dan works with people who want to learn, as only the personal experience can fill You that. I thank Dan for being a valuable mentor, and I thank the universe for bringing me on his own way.”
Maria Ciccolini
Trento, Italy
“I must really say that an important incentive to take definitely this incredible business, was born when I had the opportunity to meet Dan Catto. Dan is absolutely one of the most experienced people of Network Marketing in the world, he has made a very quick and economically interesting career.”
Roberto Lizzi
Milan, Italy
“Dan Catto has helped me tremendously to catch the spirit of this fascinating business model. I started out just being the translator for his events, but soon realized that at the same time I have the opportunity to listen to some multi-million Dollar teaching…and I did listen to him. Today I travel from the the U.K. to Scandinavia, from the Baltics to Moscow, from Siberia to the East Coast of Russia! I have discovered the secret of success and I know it’s possible for all who have a burning desire to do the same.”
Tomas Knopek
Prague, Czech Republic
Dan is compassionate, loyal and committed to nhtglobal and the distributors. He encourages, pushes and challenges me to be the best I can be. He has never let me down. A man of focus and true to his word. I am deeply grateful for what he has given me and look forward to joining him in the millionaires club in the near future. There is no other place I would rather be, surrounded by the best, giving the best to become the best.
Donna Young
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
“Mr Catto helped me with my game plan. I will never forget him saying… Jeff take massive action. More than any reading, he taught me how to be a professional and carry out my business in the field. I have heard all of the great one’s speak over the years in this business, whether it be at trainings or seminars. When Dan speaks it is always clear, crisp and message out, delivered in a way I’ve never seen duplicated.”
Jeff Orchard
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
“In the everyday world today, we encourage our young people to have a role model; most of the time they end up being some sports star or someone from the entertainment world. We need to direct these young people to the world of real leaders like Dan Catto.”
Frances Maxwel
– Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA