My Story

In 1988, after 10 years in the Corporate world and 2 years of owning and operating an Import/Export business, Dan started a Direct Sales Business. Dan’s vision and passion pushed the Sales Organization to grow to over 100,000 distributors in more than 30 countries with sales exceeding $100 million.

In 2001 with along with key partners and a new technology call the internet, they embarked on a never-before seen business model. A model that would allow aspiring entrepreneurs to grab hold of the power of e-commerce and Virtual Franchising to empower themselves to build a global business from the comfort of their home. All of this with little to no previous experience and minimal start-up costs compared to a traditional business.

Action speaks louder than words. What started in 2001 as a vision has turned into a business model spanning 70 countries, is publicly traded on NASDAQ and has done more than $2 billion in sales. A business that continues to be fueled by cutting-edge, Nobel-prize winning products and a customer/distributor base of well over one million worldwide. Yet in all of this, Dan says “We’re just getting started!”

As passionate today as he was on that first day in 1988, Dan continues to be a massive influence and source of knowledge. Through his experiences and successes, Dan has an endless well of skills and stories he happily shares in his legendary trainings. He is a mentor, coach and friend to developing entrepreneurs of all ages, across all markets.

Through all his success in business, Dan lives by his consistent beliefs that contribution, serving and giving back are life’s greatest rewards. By simply listening to Dan you will feel that belief and understand why there is so much more still to do!